DONY JOINT / A 03 Tale, ella [NEW CD]


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まさにKANDYTOWN節な楽曲がずらりとならんだ1stソロアルバム!すでに名曲と名高いRyohuプロデュース作M10"Good Times"収録。

1. Sunshine (intro) (Produced by Neetz)
2. Vice City (Produced by Jashwon)
3. Nice One (Produced by MURO)
4. BERRY #1 (Produced by The Purist)
5. Too Good To Be True (Interlude) Backing Vocal by Ryohu (Produced by Ryohu)
6. Good Times feat. Ryohu (Produced by Ryohu)
7. One & Only Thing (Produced by Neetz)
8. Q's Bash Night (skit) Special Act by Holly Q (Produced by Jashwon)
9. Eyez On Me feat. Gottz, DIAN (Produced by Jashwon)
10. My World feat. MUD, Young Juju (Produced by Neetz)
11. Godspeed You (Produced by Kashi Da Handsome)
12. B R-ight / BANKROLL (Produced by Jashwon)